Carli Bybels Palette for bh Cosmetics: Full Review & Swatches

Since the day Urban Decay's original NAKED palette came into our lives, and put the eyeshadow palettes on the map, they just don't stop coming, and now, the beauty word is loaded with so many colorful eyeshadow palettes, that its getting so hard to decide on where to look and what to get. 
Carly Babel's 14 color Eyeshadow & Highlighter Palette for bh Cosmetics is obviously one of the most popular palettes of this year. 
This is not the first time bh Cosmetics are collabing with a famous beauty YouTuber, buy could this be the best collab of all? To know my thoughts, you will need to keep on reading :) 

Carli's palette holds 10 eyeshadows, and 4 highlighters, which can also be used as eyeshadows.

The palette price is amazing (20$, but you can always find in on discount)- So could it really be THAT good?

The eyeshadows lay in a light magnetic cardboard packaging, which also holds a decent sized mirror. So you might be able to use it for traveling, but I would suggest to put it in a sealed makeup bag, just in case... 

The palette, as mentioned, holds 10 eyeshadows with natural vibe, and what I find extremely great is the perfect mix of mattes (5) and shimmers (5). 
This is definitely not a crazy palette. This one is very settle, which I find perfect for an everyday makeup look, which you could also upgrade for a more dramatic evening look. 

So how do the shadows perform? 
Honestly, I was very surprised with bh cosmetics' eyeshadow quality, I think they are great! 
The mattes are nicely pigmented, barely suffer from any fallouts. The shimmery shades are beautiful,  they are almost creamy to touch, have good pigmentation, and very easy to blend. 
To be more honest, not all of the shadows are excellent: I find the lighter shades to be less pigmented, but they do look good on the highlighted areas. 

The shadows have no names, so I'll describe them from left to right:

The Left shadow is a matte creamy shade shadow, which I use mostly for highlighting my brow bone. I also like to spread it on my entire lid, to make blending easier. 
The second one is a beautiful soft peachy-pink metallic eyeshadow, and I like to put it on my inner corners. 
The middle one is a matte light brown shade with a pinky undertone, which is great for as a transition shaed. 
The next one is also matte shadow- it purply taupe, also great as a transition shade. 
The right eyeshadow is another matte shadow, this one has a beautiful plummy color, one of the prettiest shadows in this palette, if you ask me. You can use this on on the entire lid, or just to define or smoke the eyes look. 

The first shadow on the second row is a very pretty peachy pink shimmery shade, this one is slightly darker than the top row peachy-pink shadow. I like to use this one on my entire eye lid. 
The second shadow is a gorgeous soft shimmery golden one, which is also very nice as a whole lid shade. 
In the middle lays standing bronze shade metallic eyeshadow, which is also best as an entire lid shade. 
The forth is a copper eyeshadow with a metallic finish, also great as a whole lid shade. 
The last one is a matte dark brown shade, which can be used as an eyeliner. You can also use it to create a smokey eye look. 

The highlighters in this palette are BEAUTIFUL, and they actually fit all skin tones. The highlight you get from them is shiny, but with no glitter, which I really like. You can build the highlight  intensity, and you can also use them as stunning eyeshadows. 

Besides the white highlighter, which I find to be very choky, they all have great pigmentation and soft and creamy texture.  

In addition to all this goodness, you would probably be happy to know this product is completely vegan, peraben free and non-irritating to the skin.  

The palette is available on the bh Cosmetics website, and it's official price is 20$, but as I mentioned, it's always on discount! But really, even for 20$- this palette is an amazing bargain! 

Bottom line,  I think this is a very pleasant surprise from bh cosmetics. This palette is very versatile, gorgeous, and the eyeshadows' quality is very good! I'm not saying these are the best eyeshadows I've tried, but for the price- you definitely get a return and much more! If you are looking for an affordable everyday eyeshadow palette- this one is a must! 


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