Best Cash Back Websites!

Online shopping can save us a lot of Money. With Cash-Back websites we can save even more! Read to learn how to receive cash back for your spendings - starting now!

Cash Back for my spendings? How could this be?
The way cash back websites work is actually very simple: These websites are gathering direct links to hundreds and thousands of online stores. When you use one of these links and complete a purchase, the cash back website receive a nice commission - and part of this commission goes back to you! This way everybody wins. 

Where to buy and receive cash back? 
There is no limit for the online stores you can receive cash back from. On the Cash Bask websites you will find links to stores in all the categories you could think of, such as clothing, shoes, accessories, electronics, kids & babies, and of cores (and maybe most important for us)- health & beauty. 

So... What do I need to do to receive cash back?
All you need to do in order to get cash back for your shopping is register to one or more of the cash back websites listed below, use the links they provide for the different online stores, and complete a purchase. The online stores will know to track your order, they will reward the Cash Back website, and the cash back websites will reward you. Usually you will find the money in your account after few days. 

How and When will I receive my money?
Most of the Cash Back websites set a minimal sum you need to reach in order to give you money back. On some you can request your money once you've reached this amount, and others will pay you on schedule times they set. 
As for payment: Some Cash Back websites will send you a cheque home, and some will deposit your money to your Paypal account. 

Tell a friend and earn even more!
All Cash Back website will reward you for each customer you refer to them, some will even reward you very well! Once you've signed up to a Cash Back website you'll receive your own unique link to share with your friends. When a friend use your link to register to a Cash Back website, use it's links and completes a purchase, you will get a bonus! 

Important things to know: 
  • Problems can happen, and sometime you might find out that you didn't receive your cash back after a week or two. In this case contact the Cash Back website's customer service. 
  • Sometimes, when using discount codes on the shopping websites, your cash back will be lower than what the cash back website declares. Be aware of that, and don't be surprised if you haven't receive the full percentage of cash back. 
  • The information shared with you here is based on my experiences. 

Ebates must be my favorite cash back website, it's very reliable, and I've never had a problem receiving my cash back from it. 

What will you find there? Since this is an American website, most of the online stores it links to are American stores - in all categories. 

Our favorite websites on EBATES: ASOS, StrawberryNET, Fragrancex, Victoria Secret, BH Cosmetics, Target, Walmart, Clinique, Macy's,,, Sephora and many many more! 

Why should you join? Because EBATES will give you 5$ gift, or a 10$ coupon to use in a store of your choice. Also, for each friend you refer you will receive 5$ bonus, and if you refer more friends you have a chance to get really fat cheques :) 

When will you get your money? EBATES will pay you every 3 months, but only if you have 5$ or more in your account. 

How do they pay? EBATES will pay you by cheque or through Paypal. 

pouring pounds is another great Cash Back Website: 

What will you find there? Pouring Pounds is a British Cash Back Website, therefor you will find links to British online stores in all categories. 

Our favorite websites on Pouring Pounds: feelunique, lookfantastic, chemist direct and many others! 

Why should you join? Because if you sign up through this link you will receive 5£ to your account (instead of 2.5£), the percentage of Cash Back given is usually very generous, and because for each friend you refer you'll receive 10% of his/ her cash back - for life! 

When will you get your money? In order to receive your first payment you need to have at least 30£ in your account, which can take a while, but if you do most of your shopping on-line using this website will be worth it (and hey- what do you have to lose?) After that first payment you can receive your money even if you have just 1£ in your account.

How do they pay? Pouring Pounds will pay you through Paypal. 

Please note: When using discount codes on the British online stores, your cash back will be lower that what is mentioned on Pouring Pounds.

What will you find there? Extrabux is an American Cash Back website, and you will find there pretty much the same links you would find at EBATES, mostly American online stores. For some websites the percentage of Cash Back will be higher there, and for others EBATES will be more profitable, so you will need to compare. 

Our Favorite Websites on Extrabux: Skinstore, StrawnerryNET, Victoria's Secret, BH Cosmetics, Fragrencex, ASOS, Vitacost and Cosme-de. 

Why should you join? Because the Cash Back percentage is pretty good, and because of the 5$ bonus you will get when you sign up. Also, if you refer a friend you will get another 5$, and you will keep getting 5% of your friend's future Cash Back. 

When will you get your money? You can withdrawal your money once your account has reached 10$.  

How do they pay? Paypal.  


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