Tarte Tartelette: An all Matte Eyeshadow Palette! Review, Swatches & Makeup suggestions

Every once i a while (well, it seems like it's actually happening more and more often), launched a new eyeshadow palette that makes the beauty community goes crazy. That's the story with Tarte's Tartelette, a very special palette that is all matte! Be sure I could not stand aside, and I had to see it with my own eyes :)
Tarte's Tartelette, an all matte eyeshadow palette
Tarte's products are all made with natural ingredients, they are parabens, fragrance and gluten free, were not tested on animals, and many of them, as this palette, are dermatology  tested and are friendly with the most sensitive skin. Add to that the beautiful and chic products' designs, and what can you ask more?

Beautiful chic packaging
Tatelette comes with a beautiful purple packaging, which has an elegant gold writing on it, which calls you to own it! 
The palette itself is made of shiny gold metal, which gives a very luxurious feeling to the product. Inside lays a huge mirror, which makes this palette even more user friendly, very convenient. 

Tarte cosmetics tartelette palette

Now let's talk about these amazing eye shadows!
In the palette you'll find 12 natural eye shadows, all of them have a matte finish, and I was so surprised to discover how creamy, intense and bold they are: What you see in the pan- is what you get. No major fall out was happening while working with them, and I gotta say, I'm so impressed. 

I would say this palette has more cold undertones in it, and all these purpley shades make it more unique. The palette has a great mix of highlighting shades, contouring and transition colors, eyeliner suitable shades and an all crease shades.  

Take a look at these beautiful swatches: 

tartelette palette swatches

tartelette palette swatches

tartelette swatches

At the top row, you will find few Browne shadows, from light to dark, the left shade is a light yellow, which is great for highlighting. 
In the middle row you'll find 4 shadows which has purple-pink undertone, from light to dark. 
at the bottom row you'll find a great black shade which will work great as an eyeliner, taupe shade, mocha and cream shades. 

So this is how I look at this palette: 
I would use the right column mostly for eye lining, I would use the left column mostly to do my highlighting, and the rest of the shades for blending, transitions, and as an all lid shades. But as you know, makeup has really no rules and you can use this palette as you like. 

So how practical is this palette, really? I'd say- very! I think it holds so many useful shades, which will fit each and every makeup look we will wish to create. I have no doubt that the matte loving girls will love this palette, but I will say this: I wold love it if this palette contained at least two shimmery shades  (as Tarte did with Tartlette 2), a shimmery shade will make the makeup look pop, and this is how I like to use it anyway... 
That said, I did create for you 2 makeup looks with this palette. In the first one I mostly used the warm Browne shades in the palette, and in the second one I only used the cold shades.  

Where to buy and how much?
You can order this palette directly from Tarte's website! And it's yours for 45$. Tarte do ship Internationally! 
And also- you can go to Tarte through EBATES to get cash back for your spending :) 

That's all for now. I hoped you enjoyed reading, and I'm leaving you with an image I uploaded to my Instagram a while ago, just to remind you to follow :P 


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