The Best Brush Set Ever? Real Techniques Deluxe Gift Set - Review

Real Techniques Deluxe gift set Review

Real Techniques Deluxe Gift Set is Probably one of the most useful sets of the brand, and yet, it doesn't get enough attention, if you ask me. In this review you will understand why. 

In this kit you'll find five makeup brushes: 3 of them are well known and very much loved, and the other two are exclusive to this kit. The set also comes with  beautiful and classy white clutch, which gives the whole set a luxury vibe, and as it's name says- this set could make an amazing gift for any makeup loving gal. 

Like all other Real Techniques Brushes, these are also made of soft and high quality synthetic bristles, which are very important in achieving a beautiful soft focused finish.

Oh and before you jump to the review, I would like to mention I got my set on on - where they usually have it at a discounted price, and sometimes even 10% off to add to that! (International Shipping available). 

The Brushes

Real Techniques Multi Task Brush in the Deluxe Gift Set

Real Techniques Multi Task Brush

No doubt, this is one of the brand's best brushes, and one of my all time favorites. This is a large face brush, which is recommended for applying different powders on the face: finishing powders, bronzers and blushes. Multi Task indeed :) 
This soft and fluffy brush will work wonderfully with loose and compressed products. 
So if you are planning a trip anytime soon, take this one with you, it will cover all your face powder applications!

The brush's bristles are very soft, and  not too dense, so that the application is very delicate and airy. 

Real Techniques Tapered Foundation Brush

Real Techniques Tapered Fondation Brush

The Tapered Foundation Brush is actually a flat foundation brush with a tapered head, but unlike most flat foundation brushes, this one is pretty chubby and wide.
Personally, I'm not a fan of this kind of brushes, but this brush made an exception!
Unlike other thin and too flexible flat brushes, this one is pretty stiff- since the brush is fat, and it's bristles are very dense. This makes the brush very easy to control, and apply products with. 
The finished result will be beautiful and natural, and I must admit I do enjoy this one a lot. 
Real Techniques Tapered foundation brush
Real Technique Tapered Foundation Brush- side
Also, thanks to it's shape and size, you can also use it for applying creamy highlight and contour products. 
- This brush is exclusive for this set.

Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush

Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush

This eyeshadow brush is one of my all-time favorites. I'm involve with this brush and ever since I first tried it back in 2013, and up until this day, I think that this is one of the best affordable eye makeup brushes in the market. 
This is a tapered, soft and fluffy brush, with almost a pointed tip. This will be your classic everyday eyeshadow brush, which will apply your eye colors beautifully- and so easily! 
I also like the fact that since it's made of synthetic bristles, you could also use it with creamy eyeshadows, and thanks to it's shape and feel, you can use it also for blending your transition shade in the crease. Of course you can use it to apply light eyeshadow on your brow bone, and to contour your nose with a powder. 

Real Techniques Angled Highlighter Brush

Real Techniques Angled Highlighter Brush

As you can probably understand from it's name, this brush will help you apply your highlighter, and it will be useful with powdery and creamy or liquidy products.
The brush is very soft and fluffy, but I feel it's a bit too dense for a light application of highlighter... It will effortlessly give you a dramatic highlighter application, and if that's what you are into - you will love it! 
I find this brush to be also very multi task: thanks to it's angled shape, you can use it for contouring, and for applying setting powder to the small areas of the face.

- This brush is exclusive for this set.

Real Techniques Fine Liner Brush

Real Techniques Fine Liner Brush

The last (but not least), is the amazing Fine Liner Brush - also an all time favorite of mine. And here is where we can sure say Real Techniques had probably put a lot of thought with building this kit, and really nailed it, because beside a brow brush, you really have everything you need in this set to build a full face (and eye) everyday makeup look. 

Back to the Fine Liner Brush: This brush was designed to work especially well with gel eyeliners. the flexible and dense synthetic bristles will give you a smooth and even application of product, and since it's so thin and has a pointed tip, it's pretty easy to control, and also create a nice sharp wing, even if you are not an eyeliner master. 

Real Techniques Deluxe gift brush set

The White beautiful clutch will give you a good solution for when you are on the go, and wish to carry the brushes with you. 

Deluxe gift brush set by real techniques
Bottom line, I think it's very clear I like this set very much :) I think it's very practical: Unlike some of the other brand's sets, I find all the brushes here to be very good and useful, and they will give you everything you need in creating your daily makeup look. 
And as I have mentioned above, I thing this will sure make a lovely lovely gift for a friend or a close relative, who you really love. 

Where to find

I think iHerb is where you will find it in the best value. 


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