My new goodies from benefit: hello Hoola and Rockateur!

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I chose to open my online shopping beauty blog with two very famous candies from benefit cosmetics. If you are following after  the online beauty community, there is no way you could avoid these two little devils, which are literally EVERYWHERE on YouTube and the beauty blogs.

I admit that I was a little late to the party, but as a makeup addict, I knew I got to have them. So now that I  finally do, I just gotta show off and tell you about them myself :P 

If you're like me, and don't  have benefit's counters near you, you might want to follow this post,  to learn how you can get them too, isn't it why we were gathering here in the first place?

Hoola & Rockateur, my 2 candies from benefit

Hoola Bronzing Powder
Hoola bronzing powder
Hoola is probably the most famous bronzing powder in the universe. EVERYONE in the beauty community has something to say about it, and I don't believe I've seen any bad thoughts about this little treat in a box.
When I think "benefit", the first thing that comes to mind is "ohhhh such beautiful packaging", and it doesn't even matter what comes inside, you just want to have the box! But how wonderful is it to find out that what's inside is no less than great. 

And that's exactly the case for me with the Hoola. What can be so great about a dark mocha pressed powder, one might ask... Well, a lot!
First of all, the texture is so lovely- the powder almost feels like a cream, it applies very smoothly on the skin, and blends beautifully.
second, it's completely matt, which is my preferred finish of a bronzing powder, because I find it to give the most natural contour or a tan. 
And finally- you can really build it and make it suitable for almost every skin shade from light to medium-dark, you can start very soft and light with it, and you can defiantly build it up if necessary. 

I did, however, notice a little fallout, but since it's laying in a deep box, it's not an issue...
Hoola's brush, not very useful
You can apply Hoola with this cute fluffy brush that comes with it, I personally find this brush to be too soft and hard to control, and almost impossible to blend with. So I prefer applying it with other bronzing brushes, such as Real Techniques' or bdellium tools' contour brushes, or with elf's Mineral Powder brush (all are available on iHerb)

Rockateur Cheek Color
Rockateur cheek  color, with a design like that, who cares about the product?? :)
Lets take a moment to cherish this beautiful beautiful design.
Now that we have done that, I will tell you a little bit about this product:

Rockateur is a beautiful rose pink cheek color (or a blusher if you prefer), it has golden shimmer in it, but it's very finely milled, so that it gives the most beautiful satiny luminous finish, without being to sparkly.
It's formula is a baked blend of powder, cream and liquid, which gives the product it's soft and almost creamy texture, and it's great pigment.
This cheek color also has a very strong perfumie scent, so if you are sensitive to scents you might not like this one.
This powder is really easy to apply and blend, and thanks to it's beautiful glowy finish, it has become my #1 blusher for the moment :)

This product, like all other benefit's boxed face powders, comes with a small brush. It's bristles are soft to the touch, and it's cut is making it very easy to apply and blend the blush on the cheeks, making it almost impossible to put too much. I really really like this brush, and this is the first time I actually use a brush that comes with a blush :)

Where to Buy
I find that the best place to get benefit's products from is their official site, they have the entire line there, and the prices are good!

They ship worldwide:
Free if you spend 125$ or more
13.95$ if you spend 75$-125$
18.95$ if you spend less than 75$.

Standard shipping in the US is free when you spend 50$ or more, or 5.95$ if you spend less than 50$.

If you live in the UK, Ireland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark or Iceland, you might want to order the brand's products from Lookfantastic with a free shipping.

For other ordering options- click here, press Ctrl+f, and look for benefit.


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