Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Collection Review & Swatches

Before I got into this whole amazing beauty world, I had no idea one could get hooked to eyeshadow palettes... Well, I actually didn't imagine I'll get obsessed with blushes or lipsticks either... Oh well...
But for eyeshadow palettes I hold a different kind of affection. Something about them is just calling me, saying: Buy me... Buy me... I'm yours... 
So when Too Faced came out with this Chocolate Bar palette, I just couldn't resist... Couldn't say no... I had to have this peace of delight in my collection, no matter what. And you know what? I'm really glad It's here with me :) 

Could it be that Too Faced watched the crazy hype that was going around Urban Decay's NAKEDs and recognized the potential? Maybe. Anyway they came up with this wonderful (gimmicky) idea of a palette that looks and SMELLS exactly like chocolate bar! They got me right there!

The Palette comes in a sweet pink box, beautifully designed. The Too Faced people know how to get the job done when it comes to a product design. 

The eye shadows are laying in a magnetic tin box, which looks like a very yummy chocolate bar. On the one hand this is great, cause you can throw it in your bag, and it will stay closed, but on the other hand, the palette is a bit heavy, so I'm not so sure it will be so easy to carry...

Inside the tin box you will find a big mirror, and 16 beautiful eye shadows, they all have a delicious luxurious chocolaty names. Most of the shadows are in warm and natural shades, and they come in variety of textures: Matte finish, satiny and shimmery finish. I love the option to choose between the different shades and textures, I find that this way there is no limit to the looks you can create. 

Most of the shadows have a really impressing pigment, and they spread smoothly and easily. Some of them even feel almost creamy. The only problematic shadow for me is the pink one, "Strawberry Bon Bon", which really lucks of pigment, and I find that I need to work very hard to build it.  
Also in the palette, are 3 different transition colors in a matte coffee shades- a light one (Salted Caramel), a medium (Milk Chocolate) and a dark one (Semi sweet), which you can play with, and also 2 double sized light shadows for highlight (White Chocolate which is matte and Champagne Truffle, which has a satiny finish). 

One more thing that you simply can not ignore is the amazing chocolatty scent that comes up from the eye shadows, and this is thanks to the cocoa powder that these shadows contain. 
Cocoa is known as an antioxidant and therefore is good for your skin. So here we actually have beautiful eye shadows that actually have anti-aging qualities :) 

I really love playing with this palette. I use it all the time, and I've created so many different looks with it, day and night, and they all turned out so beautiful! So for now, I can definitely say this is my number one palette. Thanks Too Faced ☺

♥ I've ordered my palette from lookfantastic, the shipping was free (always is)♥


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