Two Beautiful Blushes for Fall ♥

So I'm crazy for makeup. Well, I think you can already tell that just from the fact I'm writing this blog... and also from all of the lipsticks scattered in my hand bag, and from all of the mascaras, eyeliners and eye shadows which decorate every corner of my home :P
I'm Specifically crazy for blushes. I think I have enough blushes for the next 30 years! Do I really need so many blushes? I guess not... But I'm hooked...

Yes, I have this weakness for blushes... I can always find this shade that "I still don't own exactly like it". The problem is that the cosmetics companies always know how to wrap their blushes in the most beautiful and tempting packages, and I... I just can't resist... And I love them in every shape and form: Solid, as a loose powder, creamy, and liquidy, shimmery or matte- they all work for me! 

If you ask me, a blush is a MUST product. If you give me only one minute to do my makeup- I will never skip the blush! A blush will instantly make your skin look more healthy and more alive, even the dullest skin will look better with a blush on.

So after this long-heart breaking confession, I would like to show you 2 of my favorite blushes, which will be of a great use this season: the first is a sexy solid blush, and the other is liquidy and elegant. I got them both on, and if you'll be good and read until the end, I will also spoil you with a nice discount for them :) 

theBalm Cabana Boy's Blush

I just can't hold myself when it comes to theBalm's packages! Just look at this gorgeous thing! 
As most of this brand's packages, this one also has a sexy 50's commercials inspired design, it's made out of cardboard, and it has a magnetic closing.

Cabana Boy is a very settled shimmery blush, with soft satiny finish, and It has a warm dusty rose tone. 
This blush has a really strong vibrant pigment, so you have to be very careful when applying it: start with a very light hand and build it up as necessary.
Since it's a warm toned blush, it works great with the cold seasons. I felt it was to heavy for summer, but it's defiantly going to complement almost every fall makeup I will create! 

This product is paraben and talc free.

Like it? You can get the Cabana Boy here

Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush, Spicey

I really love makeup which is more unique or "different". Ususally, what breaks me and makes me buy stuff I don't really need are gimmikcs... I'm just a succer for gimmickey products! And I think this is why I fell for this beautiful Daniel Sandler's Watercolour Blush. I first saw it on one of the legendary Lisa Eldrige's videos. Few clicks later- it was on it's way to me :) 

Daniel Sandler's Watercolour is a liquidy, almost watery, blush, it has tiny shimmery particles which give the skin an amazing natural and glowy look. There are over 10 shades to choose from, I went for Spicey, which is a sheer teracota color, with gorgeouse pink shimmer. It is a very warm toned, so again- this is great for fall. It's very sheer when you start applying it, so you have to layer it, until you reach the desiered result.

You can apply this blush with your fingers, or with a brush, I find the Real Techniques Buffing brush to be perfect for it. 

If you want to see how Lisa Eldridge is using this blush- click here

As I mentioned, I got this blush from feelunique

You can also find it on Beauty Expert, where I have a 20% off discount for you! Simply use the code: BENEW20 at checkout! (Valid until the 1st of November)

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